Micro Reaction Vials

Micro Reaction Vessels are cone shaped inside for easy removal of small samples. They are made of heavy-wall borosilicate glass and are supplied with PTFE-faced red rubber septum and cap. This glassware can be autoclaved or centrifuged. The septa can not be autoclaved.
Micro Reaction Vessels are available in either glass or amber glass.
Replacement caps and septa:
Clear glass: 0.3-2 mL (Caps: 27154, Septa: 27156)
3-5 mL (Caps: 27176, Septa: 27178)
Amber glass: 1 mL: (Caps: 27120-U, Septa: 27145)
2-5 mL: (Caps: 27176, Septa: 27178)
Micro Reaction Vessels
V-Vials with open-top cap