Headspace & SPME Vials

Headspace vials are available in several sizes (5-27 mL) and styles in clear or amber glass. The most common sizes are 6, 10 and 20 mL. The style and diameter of headspace vials will depend upon your autosampler.

The top finish of the vial can be a flat top or beveled finish. Using a beveled finish vial reduced the amount of sealing surface between the crimp seal and the glass surface.
The bottom finish of the vial is flat or rounded. Vials with rounded bottoms are sturdier and more resistant to pressure than the flat bottom vial. The rounded bottom version was created to allow the vial, when transported by a magnet, to drop more easily into the heating block.

In addition to the crimp top finish comonly used, screw thread headspace vials are also available in both clear and amber glass.
Headspace vials, 6-27 mL
Headspace vials, 20 mL
Headspace vials, screw top