Ascentis® Express Columns for Fast HPLC

HPLC columns for High Speed and High Resolution Applications

Based on innovative Fused-Core® particle technology, Ascentis® Express provides the high speed and high efficiency of sub-2 μm particles, but at approximately half the backpressure for the same column length. This lower pressure means that Ascentis Express can be run on conventional HPLC and LC-MS systems, as well as mid-pressure or ultra-high pressure (UHPLC) systems. Lower pressure also means longer columns can be used for additional resolving power. Ascentis Express offers these benefits over sub-2 μm particles, along with excellent column lifetime.

At the heart of Ascentis Express is the 2.7 μm Fused-Core particle which comprises a 1.7 μm solid core and a 0.5 μm porous shell. Compared to totally porous particles, the Fused-Core particles have a much shorter diffusion path because of the solid core. This partial porosity reduces axial dispersion of solutes and minimizes peak broadening. Other features, such as a very tight particle size distribution and high packing density, result in Ascentis Express columns that are capable of 240,000 N/m and higher: comparable to the efficiency of sub-2 μm particle columns and nearly twice the efficiency possible with 3 μm particles. The increased efficiency of Ascentis Express columns enables you to use shorter columns and save solvents.

Visit the Ascentis Express home page to view presentations and technical literature which demonstrate how this column technology can maximize performance in your lab.

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