Visiprep 12- and 24- Port Vacuum Manifolds

SPE is a form of chromatography, and, as with other chromatographic techniques, control of flow rate is critical for maintaining reproducible extractions. Unlike other vacuum manifolds, the Visiprep system contains a patented valve system that allows for precise flow control through each SPE tube via rotating, independent, screw-type valves situated in each port within the manifold cover. Visiprep vacuum manifolds allow you to process up to 12 (12-port version) or 24 (24-port version) SPE samples simultaneously. Spacing between ports are slightly smaller on the 24-port versions than the 12-port versions so consideration of tube sizes is recommended.

  • Patented screw-type valves within each SPE port for precise flow control
  • Glass basin will not dissolve, fog, or discolor when exposed to solvents
  • Legs on cover allow user to easily rest cover on work surface when removed from the manifold
  • Screw-type solvent-resistant vacuum bleed gauge and valve offer better sealing and vacuum control. Valve takes 1/4″ vacuum tubing.
PP collection vessel rack accommodates autosampler vials; small scintillation vials (22.75 mm O.D. recommended); 10 and 16 mm test tubes; and 1, 2, 5, and 10 mL volumetric flasks. An optional plate for 20 mL scintillation vials is available for 12-port models.
Visiprep DL (Disposable Liner), 12-port model (57044)

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57030-U Visiprep SPE Vacuum Manifold standard, 12-port model
57250-U Visiprep SPE Vacuum Manifold standard, 24-port model
57044 Visiprep SPE Vacuum Manifold DL (Disposable Liner), 12-port model
57265 Visiprep SPE Vacuum Manifold DL (Disposable Liner), 24-port model
57042 Visprep SPE Manifold Test Tubes, 10 x 75 mm pk of 12