Polyamide 6 (Nylon 6) TLC Adsorbents

Applications of polyamide 6 in TLC are numerous because any analyte that can undergo H-bonding with the amide are possible: phenols, carboxylic and sulfonic acids and sulphonic acid amides, derivatized amino acids, steroids, quinones, aromatic nitro compounds, N-terminal groups of polypeptides, flavanoids, saponins, acid dyes, alkaloids, heterocyclic nitrogen compounds, nucleotides, bile pigments, and carbamate and urea pesticides.Because polyamide is an organic polymer, corrosive visualization agents should be avoided. Also, ninhydrin should be avoided on pure polyamide supports. However, polyamide is naturally fluorescent. Iodine is also a common visualization reagent. A benefit of polyamide is its low diffusivity which means sample spots stay tightly confined for maximum spot intensity.

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02593 Polyamide with Fluorescence for thin layer chromatography, 6 DF, with fluorescent indicator 254 nm
02592 Polyamide without Fluorescence for thin layer chromatography, 6 D