radiello® Diffusive Sampling Products

Passive or diffusive sampling relies on the diffusion of analytes through a diffusive surface onto an adsorbent. After sampling, the analytes are chemically desorbed by solvent extraction or thermally desorbed and analyzed. Passive sampling is quiet, non-flammable and does not represent an explosion hazard. It can be performed by anyone, anywhere and at a very low cost. Moreover, it is not susceptible to sample breakthrough, a common problem associated with active sampling performed using an air pump.

Most commercially available passive/diffusive samplers are planar or axial in shape and offer lower sampling rates and limited sampling capacity. As a result, sensitivity can suffer during short-term analysis (due to low sampling rates), or during long-term sampling (analyte back-diffusion due to low capacity). The improved geometry of a radial coaxial design circumvents these issues. The essential parts of a radiello diffusive sampler are the adsorbing cartridge, the diffusive body, the supporting plate and the label with bar code indication.