SGE Syringe Products

Color-Coded Syringes
SGE has implemented significant changes to their chromatographic syringe line to make it easier to distinquish between the different volumes of syringes while experiencing improved technical performance. The glass barrels of SGE autosampler syringes are now according to volume to make it easier and faster for an analyst to select the proper volume of syringe for different applications. This color-coding also makes it easier for quick volume identification of syringes already installed in an autosampler.

Light Orange . . . . 0.5 μL, 500 μL
Yellow . . . . . . . . 1 μL, 1 mL
Lime . . . . . . . . . . 5 μL, 5 mL
Dark Orange . . . . 10 μL, 10 mL
Green . . . . . . . . . 25 μL, 25 mL
Purple . . . . . . . . 50 μL, 50 mL
Aqua . . . . . . . . .100 μL, 100 mL
Grey . . . . . . . . . 250 μL, 2.5 mL

Tighter Specifications
Newly introduced tigher physical specifications and design changes have greatly reduced or eliminated common problems including syringe adhesive contamination of the sample, sample carryover, and mechanical problems with the needle, plunger and barrel. These improvements provuide superior technical performance for the analysts and have the added benefit of extending the life of the syringe.

Longer Life
Modifications to the inner surface finish of the syrineg glass barrel and the design of the syringe components provide greater solvent resistance, a wider working-temperature reange and improved operational smoothness. As a result of these modifications, the lifetime of the syringe can be as much as ten times greater when compared to SGE′s current syringes.

Superior Performance
Elimination of syringe adhesive from the fluid path removes the possibility of the sample being contaminated by adhesive, sampler carryover, or the possibility of the sample matrix dissolving the adhesive that holds syringe components together. This is accomplished by the addition of a press fit PTFE seal that fits tightly against the inner walls of the syringe and is flush to the end of the needle leaving no gaps and preventing contact of the sample with the syringe adhesive.
Additionally, the use of a new adhesive chemistry in the manufacturing of SGE syringes allows the syringe to be operated over a wider temperature range. Improvements have also been made to the needle design. The needle and hub are permanently fused together, increasing the strength of the parts.

Reduced Carryover
Design improvements in the PTFE plunger tips and the PTFE seal inserts mentioned previously create a much tighter fit between the plunger tip of the barrel and the PTFE seal. A smoother glass surface ensures that the fluid is flushed out and no carryover occurs.

Superior Plunger Tip
Significant changes have also been made to the SGE plunger tip so that it sits flush against the syringe insert, minimizing any potential carryover.
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