Gas Purification and Gas Management

It is critical that a gas delivery system provides gas at the proper purity level, and at the correct pressure, based on its intended use. Supelco offers many products that enable the GC user to purify and manage their gas streams (such as helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, 5% methane in argon, and air). Some of these items are Supelco brand products, such as many of the purifiers we offer (OMI, High Capacity, and Supelcarb). Others items are sourced from well-known suppliers, such as Swagelok (tubing fittings), Airgas (gas cylinder regulators), and Parker (gas generators).

We have organized products into three groups to simplify locating the required item:
  • Purifiers: Used to achieve the required purity level by removing specific contaminants from a gas stream based on its intended use
  • Plumbing/Regulation: Used to transport gases from the source (gas cylinder or gas generator) to the point of use. This group includes tubing, fittings, and valves, plus products for pressure regulation and measurement, flow regulation and measurement, and leak detection
  • Gas Generators and Air Compressors: When possible, generating gas on-site is often a less expensive option to gas cylinders.

View or download brochure: GC Accessories and Gas Purification/Management Products