Acids, Mercury-free and Arsenic-free

Acid dissolution, with or without an oxidizing agent has proved to be an efficient, commonly used sample preparation procedure for the decomposition of solids, sediments and sludge. Strong inorganic acids (such as nitric, perchloric, hydrochloric, and sulphuric acids) are typically employed. In most cases the dissolution process requires more than one acid; e.g., aqua regia, Leffort (Lunge) mixture, or the Dixon mixture in soil analysis, with a predominant acid determining the rate and completeness of the decomposition. Mercury and arsenic-free reagents are particularly suitable for determination of these metal ions in the presence of others; e.g., in industrial and waste water, polluted soils, and sludge. They can be used for sample preparation (dissolution) and for determinations using ICP-OES or -MS.

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84378 Nitric acid puriss. p.a., 65% (Hg ≤0.0000005%), ≥65% (T)