Center Drain vials, heavy wall, screw thread caps and septa included

The CD Vial (Center Draining) has a unique conical interior bottom that allows the contents to completely drain to the center bottom of the vial. Maximum recovery of the contents can be done utilizing either a micropipette or syringe.
The sturdy CD Vial with the patented unique interior conical bottom is ideal for many micro applications. The vials are manufactured from Borosilicate Type 1 glass to safeguard against a change in the pH of the contents.

Precision: Less than 4 μL volume.

Center Drain Vials, Heavy Wall, with Graduations

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29362-U Center Drain (CD) screw thread vials, heavy wall, with caps and PTFE/silicone septa volume 1 mL, clear glass vial, with graduations, O.D. × H 13 mm × 41 mm, pkg of 12 ea 1 mL
thread for 13-425
  PTFE/silicone septum
black polypropylene hole cap
clear glass vial
pkg of 12 ea