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10951 Araldite® M
31185 D.E.R. 332 used as embedding medium
31190 D.E.R. 732 used as embedding medium
31191 D.E.R. 736
06522 DPX Mountant for histology slide mounting medium
44611 Durcupan ACM single component A, M epoxy resin
44612 Durcupan ACM single component B, hardener 964
44613 Durcupan ACM single component C, accelerator 960 (DY 060)
44614 Durcupan ACM single component D
44610 Durcupan ACM set for 1 L embedding mixture
44602 Durcupan water-soluble single component A
44591 Durcupan water-soluble single component C
45345 Epoxy embedding medium for microscopy
45348 Epoxy embedding medium, accelerator ≥95% (NT)
45346 Epoxy embedding medium, hardener DDSA for microscopy
45347 Epoxy embedding medium, hardener MNA ≥95.0%
03989 Eukitt® Quick-hardening mounting medium for microscopy
05393 Eukitt® UV for microscopy New
GG1 Glycerol Gelatin aqueous slide mounting medium
60895 Gum rosin natural resin
09929 Leit-C for microscopy
62660 LR Accelerator
62661 LR white resin standard
M1289 Mounting Medium
74432 Nonylphenyl-polyethyleneglycol acetate for histology
81188 Poly(ethylene glycol) BioUltra, 1,000
10981 Polyvinyl alcohol mounting medium with DABCO®, antifading pH 8.7
78711 RenLam® M-1 for microscopy, suitable as a embedding medium
94956 Vinylcyclohexene dioxide purum, for electron microscopy, mixture of isomers, ≥96.0% (GC)