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66011 Alcianblue 8GX solution for microscopy, 1% in solution (in 3% acetic acid)
11635 Azomethine-H monosodium salt hydrate p.a.
16035 Brilliant Cresyl blue solution for microscopy, 0.3 % (w/v) in ethanol
21819 Carbol-Fuchsin solution according to Kinyoun for microscopy
21980 Cardiogreen for microscopy
25328 4-Chloro-1-naphthol for analytical purposes, ≥99.0%
27130 Chromotrope 2B for microscopy
32675 Crystal Violet indicator for the determination of the redox potential, S. No.: 785
61135 Crystal Violet for microscopy (Bact., Bot., Hist., Vit.), indicator (pH 0.1-2.0)
17992 Disperse Blue 35 for microscopy
21620 Disperse Blue 124 for microscopy
21603 Disperse Orange 37 for microscopy
32855 Eosin Methylene blue according to May-Grünwald
03968 Fuchsin solution for microscopy, denaturated with 2-butanone, 2% in ethanol
32878 Fuchsin solution for microscopy, denatured with 2-butanone, 2% ethanol
32884 Giemsa Stain, Modified Solution according to Giemsa
03971 Hematoxylin solution according to Delafield for microscopy
03973 Hematoxylin solution A according to Weigert for microscopy
32922 Lugol solution according to Lugol
32745 Malachite Green oxalate salt for microscopy, crystalline, S. No.: 754
32856 May-Grünwald solution according to May-Grünwald
95290 Methyl Blue for microscopy (Bot., Hist.), indicator (pH 9.4-14.0)
28514 Methylene Blue hydrate ≥95% (calc. to the dried substance)
66719 Methylene Blue hydrate meets analytical specification of BP 73
68250 Methyl Orange for microscopy (Hist.), indicator (pH 3.0-4.4)
69710 Methyl violet for microscopy (Bact., Bot., Hist.), indicator (pH 0.1-2.0), mixture of polymethylated pararosaniline hydrochlorides
70480 α-Naphtholbenzein indicator (pH 8.2-10.0)
70540 Naphthol Yellow S for microscopy (Hist.), for the precipitation (of amino acids and peptides)
72210 Neutral Red for microscopy (Bact., Bot., Fl., Hist., Vit.), indicator (pH 6.8-8.0)
75370 Orange II sodium salt for microscopy (Hist.), indicator (pH 11.0-13.0)
79560 Phosphomolybdic acid hydrate for microscopy
36011 Picric acid solution 0.9-1.1% (alkalimetric)
88390 Thiazole Yellow G for microscopy (fluorescence indicator), adsorption indicator
89640 Toluidine Blue for microscopy (Hist., Vit.)
75360 Tropaeolin 000 No. 1 for microscopy (Hist.), indicator (pH 7.6-8.9)
93595 Trypan Blue solution 0.4%, for microscopy
93770 Tuerk solution for microscopy (for counting of Leukozytes)
03979 Weigert’s solution for microscopy
32857 Wright Stain solution according to Wright