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37563 AQUANAL analytical case for building restoration total set of reagents (for analysis of chloride, total hardness, magnesium, nitrate, sulfate and sulfide in scumming of brickwork)
37566 AQUANAL Fishwater Lab total set of reagents (for the fast analysis of ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, oxygen, iron, carbonate hardness, pH and total hardness in water)
37542 AQUANAL Fishwater Lab cuvettes refill pack for 37566
34717 AQUANAL GH for determination of total water hardness
37557 AQUANAL-Oekotest Water Laboratory sufficient reagents for 50 to 60 analyses (of ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate, total hardness and pH-value)
37558 AQUANAL-Oekotest Water Laboratory refill pack for 37557
37541 AQUANAL-Oekotest Water Laboratory cuvettes refill for 37557
37562 AQUANAL-plus Compact Lab
37553 AQUANAL-plus Vario Basic Case 5 AQUANAL-plus test sets of your choice in a handy carrying case
37546 AQUANAL pooltester chlorine/pH for pools; with color comparator
37547 AQUANAL pooltester chlorine/pH refill pack for 37546
70471 AQUANAL -professional Boron Set
37736 AQUANAL-professional tube test COD 0-150 mg/L
37737 AQUANAL-professional tube test COD 0-1500 mg/L
34714 AQUANAL RH mixed indicator for the determination of residual water hardness
34718 AQUANAL SV for determination of acid consumption in water
37565 Comparator cards set