Redox Indicators

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D4130 Barium diphenylamine-4-sulfonate for redox titration
33149 Diphenylamine puriss. p.a., redox indicator, ACS reagent, reag. Ph. Eur., ≥98% (GC)
D205206 N,N′-Diphenylbenzidine 97%
33152 1,5-Diphenylcarbazide reag. Ph. Eur., ≥98.0%, for metal titration
318922 Ferroin indicator solution 0.1 wt. % in H2O
229296 Indigo synthetic, Dye content 95 %
114510 Methyl Orange ACS reagent, Dye content 85 %
68250 Methyl Orange for microscopy (Hist.), indicator (pH 3.0-4.4)
250198 Methyl Red ACS reagent, crystalline
N5757 α-Naphthoflavone ≥98%
N4638 Neutral Red powder, BioReagent, suitable for cell culture
N7005 Neutral Red Dye content ≥90 %
72210 Neutral Red for microscopy (Bact., Bot., Fl., Hist., Vit.), indicator (pH 6.8-8.0)
861251 Neutral Red certified by the Biological Stain Commission
320056 1,10-Phenanthroline monohydrate ACS reagent, 99%
77500 1,10-Phenanthroline monohydrate for the spectrophotometric determination of Fe, Pd, V, ≥99.0%
33510 1,10-Phenanthroline monohydrate ACS reagent, puriss. p.a., ≥99.5% (calc. to the dried substance), for redox titration
199648 Phenosafranin Dye content 80 %
234133 Quinoline Yellow Dye content 95 %
309052 Quinoline Yellow Mixture of the mono- and disulfonic acids of Quinoline Yellow
84120 Safranin O for microscopy (Bact., Bot., Hist.), indicator (pH 0.3-1.0)
242969 Sodium diphenylamine-4-sulfonate ACS reagent
88930 Thionin acetate salt for microscopy (Bact., Bot., Hist.)