We offer a broad range of silica, including spherical and irregular particle size, as well as bare and modified/bonded phases. Our selection includes Sigma-Aldrich, Davisil, and EMD Millipore products. These silicas are available in various grade, par and pore sizes, and are useful for all types of low pressure, medium pressure, and flash column chromatography. They can be applied to the cleanup and purification of a wide range of synthetic and natural compounds. The silica is available in both high purity grade as well as technical grade.

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S7296 Derivatized Silica Gel Octyl (C8) Zorbax® LP 100/40 C8 40 μm, average diameter 100 Å
60741 Silica gel high-purity grade, average pore size 60 Å (52-73 Å), 70-230 mesh, 63-200 μm, for column chromatography
60737 Silica gel high-purity grade, pore size 60 Å, 230-400 mesh particle size, 40-63 μm particle size, for flash chromatography
60738 Silica gel high-purity grade, pore size 60 Å, 220-440 mesh particle size, 35-75 μm particle size, for flash chromatography
60752 Silica gel high-purity grade (w/ Ca, ~0.1%), pore size 60 Å, 230-400 mesh particle size
12479 Silica gel technical grade (w/ Ca, ~0.1%), 60Å, 230-400 mesh particle size, Ca 0.1-0.3 %
60742 Silica gel high-purity grade, 60Å, 35-60 mesh particle size
89943 Silica gel for column chromatography, 60
645524 Silica gel technical grade, pore size 60 Å, 200-425 mesh particle size
60745 Silica gel high-purity grade, 90Å, 70-230 mesh, for column chromatography
60740 Silica gel high-purity grade (puriss), pore size 60 Å, 70-230 mesh, for column chromatography
03561 Silica gel high-purity grade, FIA according to DIN 51791
60736 Silica gel high-purity grade, 40, 35-70 mesh, for column chromatography
60746 Silica gel high purity, 90Å, 35-70 mesh, for column chromatography
60744 Silica gel high-purity grade, 90Å, 15-25 μm, for column chromatography
S6503 Silica gel high-purity grade, Type G, 5-15 μm, for thin layer chromatography
60748 Silica gel 90 CN for column chromatography, 0.015-0.035 mm
10087 Silica gel orange granular, 0.2-1 mm