HPTLC Plates

Much like HPLC grew out of improvements in column chromatography, HPTLC grew out of improvements in the quality of sorbents and consistency of plate manufacture, use of optimized techniques and equipment for sample application, plate development, detection reagent applications, densitometric scanning and a greater understanding of chromatographic theory. HPTLC (high performance TLC) plates are characterized by smaller particles (≤10 μm), thinner layers (≤150 μm) and smaller plates (≤10 cm developing distance). In addition, the particle size distribution of the sorbent is narrower than for conventional TLC layers.

HPTLC plates offer users the following advantages over conventional TLC:
  • More resolving power per unit distance
  • Faster development times
  • Reduced solvent consumption

Our glass and aluminum foil HPTLC plates are available coated with a variety of matrices and are available with and without indicators. Matrices include:
  • Silica gel (unmodified, modified/bonded and nano particle)
  • Cellulose
We carry our own brand of plates as well as those of many other industry leaders such as Macherey-Nagel and Analtech.

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