PNA / PONA / P-I-A-N-O Standards

P-I-A-N-O (Paraffins-Isoparaffins-Aromatics-Napthenes-Olefins) standards are complex mixtures of known quantities of hydrocarbons, accurately prepared by weight to three decimal places. Use these mixes to determine retention times and indices, and to monitor response factors for components of complex mixtures of hydrocarbons.
  • Formulations are weight percent.
  • Each mix includes a detailed data sheet listing components by weight percent, mole percent, and liquid volume percent, retention indices for each component and other information.
  • A chromatogram from a 100-meter capillary column (including conditions) is provided.
  • Products are supplied in a crimp-top vial with hole caps and septa.
  • 36 month shelf life from date of manufacture

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44587 Aromatics Mix analytical standard
44586-U Isoparaffins Mix (typical values shown), analytical standard
44588 Naphthenes Mix analytical standard
44589 Olefins Mix analytical standard
44585-U n-Paraffins Mix analytical standard
44594-U P-I-A-N-O Kit analytical standard
44593-U P-I-A-N-O Mix analytical standard