SPME Sampling Stand

Holds eight vials while supporting the SPME syringe for consistent fiber immersion depth. Two different sampling stands are available - for 4 ml vials and for 15 ml vials. Each vial puck allows the vial to be rotated to index the vial below the SPME syringe during sampling. A replacement 15 mL vial puck (57358-U) is available for the 4 mL unit. When using headspace 28 mm diameter vials, order the aluminum heating block.

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CLS6795420D Corning® hotplate and stirrer with digital display AC/DC input 120 V AC, US 3-pin plug, plate L × W 5 in. × 7 in.
33313-U Heater block for 28 mm diameter vials for use with 28 mm diameter vials
Z645125 IKA® ETS-D5 temperature controller electronic contact thermometer with 3 operating modes, stainless steel, 1/cs
Z118877 Spinbar® magnetic stirring fleas blue, diam. 3 mm, L 10 mm
57357-U SPME Sampling Stand for use with 15 mL vials
57333-U SPME Sampling Stand for use with 4 mL vials
57364-U SPME sampling stand holder & rod assembly for use with SPME Sampling Stand
57332 Thermometer L 5 in., temperature -10-110 °C
57358-U Vial puck, 15 mL, for SPME Sampling Stand made to hold 8 × 15 mL vials