SPME Fiber Holders

The holder protects the coated fiber, and controls exposure of the fiber during analyte adsorption and desorption. The holder is reusable indefinitely and accepts the replaceable fiber assembly.
The holder for manual sampling includes an adjustable depth guide that positions the fiber for correct placement in the heated zone of the GC injection port.
The automated sampling holders are used for fiber assemblies that are compatible with our SPME/HPLC interface or with select autosamplers.

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57330-U SPME Fiber Holder for use with manual sampling
57347-U SPME Fiber Holder for use with CTC CombiPAL, Gerstel MPS2 and Thermo TriPlus Autosamplers
57331 SPME Fiber Holder for use with Non-CTC CombiPAL Type Autosamplers