Supelclean ENVI-18 & ENVI-8 SPE Disks

Retention Mechanism: Reversed-phase
Sample Matrix Compatibility: Aqueous solutions (drinking water)
  • The SPE membrane equivalents of ENVI-18 and ENVI-8 packed bed SPE sorbents
  • Porous glass fiber membranes embedded with C18 or C8 modified silica particles
  • Provides faster flow rates and exhibits less clogging than PTFE discs for the extraction of organic contaminants from drinking water samples
Typical applications include polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), phthalates, semivolatile organics, paraquat and diquat, pesticides and herbicides

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57172 ENVI-8 DSK SPE Disk diam. 47 mm, pk of 24
57170-U ENVI-18 DSK SPE Disk diam. 90 mm, pk of 12
57171 ENVI-18 DSK SPE Disk diam. 47 mm, pk of 24