Supelclean SAX/PSA SPE Products

Retention Mechanism: Normal-phase and anion-exchange
Sample Matrix Compatibility: Organic or aqueous solutions

  • Dual layer SPE tube that contains both Supelclean SAX (upper layer) and PSA (lower layer) SPE sorbents (separated by PE frit)
  • Supelclean SAX is a quarternary amine, Cl- counter-ion.
  • Supelclean PSA an ethylenediamine-N-propyl phas that contains both primary and secondary amines.
  • Ideal for removing matrix components (fatty acids, organic acids, polar pigments, and some sugars) when conducting multi-residue pesticide analysis in foods
  • In compliance with the Luke II method which uses SPE to remove matrix interference and enhancement of pesticides from food for GC-ITMS analysis

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52576-U Supelclean SAX/PSA SPE Tube bed B 250 mg (Supelclean PSA SPE), bed A 250 mg (Supelclean LC-SAX SPE), volume 6 mL, pk of 30
52577-U Supelclean SAX/PSA SPE Tube bed A 500 mg (Supelclean LC-SAX SPE), bed B 500 mg (Supelclean PSA SPE), volume 6 mL, pk of 30