Dual Layer Florisil®/Sodium Sulfate SPE Products

Retention Mechanism: Normal-phase or adsorption
Sample Matrix Compatibility: Organic solutions

  • Dual layer SPE tube that contains Na2SO4 (upper layer) and Florisil (magnesium silicate; lower layer) separated and packed with PTFE frits (glass tubes) or PE frits (PP tubes)
  • Florisil particle size- 60/100 mesh (150-200μm); Na2SO4 Purity- 99.99+%, density- 2.68 g/mL
  • Excellent for removing/isolating polar compounds from organic matrices
  • Na2SO4 layer aids in removing aqueous sample residues that may hinder Florisil performance and/or subsequent GC analysis
  • Suitable for the determination of the hydrocarbon oil index in water (surface, waste, and sewage treatment plants) by GC-FID analysis according to European Standard EN ISO 9377-2 : 2000
  • Available in glass SPE hardware allowing users to reactivate Florisil through heating at 140°C, 16 hours
  • Use in conjunction with Visiprep Large Volume Sampler (Cat No. 57275) and Visiprep SPE Vacuum Manifolds for processing larger volume samples

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52582-U Supelclean Florisil®/Na2SO4 SPE Tube glass hardware, PTFE frit, bed A 2 g (Florisil®), bed B 2 g (Na2SO4), volume 6 mL, pk of 48
54116-U Supelclean Florisil®/Na2SO4 SPE Tube polypropylene hardware, PE frit, bed A 2 g (Florisil®), bed B 2 g (Na2SO4), volume 6 mL, pk of 48