TDS3 TD Storage Containers and Accessories

Use our storage sampling system to simplify the thermal desorption sample prep process. Maintain sample integrity of tubes to be sampled or tubes that already have a sample adsorbed.

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57098 Female Luer Cap polypropylene, configured for capping luer tips, pkg of 12 ea
25064-U Male Luer Coupler pkg of 20 ea
24856 Male Luer Fitting for 1/4 in. Tubing pkg of 10 ea
21016 Male Luer Fitting for 1/8 in. Tubing pkg of 20 ea
23364 Male Luer Fitting for 3/16 in. tubing pkg of 20 ea
504351 Male Luer Plug configured for plugging luer holes, pkg of 12 ea
29024-U PTFE Packed Column Ferrule, 1/4 in. Column O.D. 1/4 in. O.D. Column
25073 Replacement septa for storage containers for use with all TDS3 Containers
25069 TDS3 Sampling Caps with Washers for 1/4 in. Containers for use with TDS3 to convert it to sampling
25097-U TDS3 Storage Container for use with PerkinElmer ATD-50, ATD-400, Turbomatrix, for use with Markes International Unity
25096-U TDS3 Storage Container for use with Dynatherm 850/890, ACEM 900/901-FF (Standard sampling tube)
25098-U TDS3 Storage Container for use with Chrompack
25095-U TDS3 Storage Container for use with Gerstel® TDS 2/TDS/A, for use with Tekmar AEROtrap 6000
28307-U TDS3 Storage Container for use with Gerstel 60mm TDU Tubes