Silica Gel for Column Chromatography

Looking for Silica Gel to Meet Your Column Chromatography Needs?

We offer a broad range of silica gel, including spherical and irregular particle shape, as well as bare and modified/bonded products. Our selection includes Sigma-Aldrich, Davisil® and EMD Millipore® products. They are available in various grades, particle and pore sizes; and, are useful for all types of low-pressure, medium-pressure, and flash column chromatography. They can be applied for the cleanup and purification of a wide range of synthetic and natural compounds.

Separation Efficiency of Spherical versus Irregular Silica
Particle shape can have a significant impact on separation efficiency. A spherical particle shape results in more homogenous packing characteristics. The end result is elution in a narrower band-width with less solvent. This, in turn, allows for sharper peaks and improved separation of closely eluting compounds. We offer spherical silica for optimal resolution efficiency, and irregular silica for economical purification.

Silica Grade Considerations
In distinguishing between grades (or purities), the following information is helpful to consider in regard to application-specific requirements:
  • High purity grade silica gel - offers lowest moisture content, tightest particle size distribution, minimal impurities, and greatest lot-to-lot consistency. This results in greater reproducibility of the separation process.
  • Technical grade silica gel - the most economical choice for general separations, where reproducibility and lot-to-lot consistency are not as critical.

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