Discovery® Zirconia

Reversed-phase, zirconia-based particles expand your HPLC method development options by leveraging the unique selectivity and retention provided by pH and temperature extremes.

Discovery® Zr comprises four phase chemistries bonded to porous, spherical, 3 and 5 micron zirconia particles. Zirconia particles have exceptional pH and thermal stability compared to silica and alumina particles. Compared to polymer particles, zirconia does not shrink or swell with changes in temperature, ionic strength, or organic concentration, and has exceptional mechanical strength. The presence of controlled, predictable reversed-phase and ion-exchange retention modes combined with thermal and pH stability open up your method development options.

Discovery® Zr-PBD: Polybutadiene-modified zirconia particles give separations most similar to C18-silica, but with benefits of high pH and temperature stability.
Discovery® Zr-PS: Polystyrene modified zirconia particles are ideal for separations of hydrophobic compounds and amines.
Discovery® Zr-CarbonC18: Octadecyl-modified carbon-clad zirconia for universal separations of acids, bases, and neutrals. Very different selectivity relative to C18-silica.
Discovery® Zr-Carbon: Carbon-clad zirconia for separations of geometric isomers and diastereomers.