Upchurch PEEK LiteTouch® Fittings

Unique design prevents twisting of PEEK tubing. The fitting consists of a special PEEK ferrule, a stainless steel ring, and a PEEK or stainless steel nut for 1/16 in. tubing. The fitting will not leak at pressures to 5000 psi/340 bar with the PEEK nut, 2500 psi/175 bar with the stainless steel nut finger-tightened or 7000 psi/480 bar with wrench tightening. After wrench-tightening the stainless steel nut, subsequent finger-tightening will hold to 5000 psi. Compatible with all manufacturers stainless steel nuts. Order nuts and ferrules separately.
Upchurch PEEK LiteTouch Fitting

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57651 Upchurch PEEK LiteTouch® Fitting natural PEEK nut, pkg of 10 ea
57653 Upchurch PEEK LiteTouch® Fitting double-winged natural PEEK nut
57652-U Upchurch PEEK LiteTouch® Fitting PEEK with stainless steel lock ring ferrule (for 1/8″ tubing)
57650-U Upchurch PEEK LiteTouch® Fitting