Optimize Technologies Inc. Pump Replacement Parts

A preventive maintenance program that includes routine replacement of pump parts that are subject to wear will help you avoid costly downtime. These Optimize Technologies check valves, seals, and pistons meet or exceed the pump manufacturers specifications.
If you do not see the parts you need, or your instrument model is not listed - just call us.

OPTI-MAX Cartridge Check Valves - An economical and very convenient way to maintain and repair check valves - after initially purchasing the stainless steel inlet or outlet housing (one cartridge is included), simply purchase replacement cartridges in packs of two. We recommend a stainless steel cartridge with a ruby ball/sapphire seat for most applications, but a ceramic ball/seat cartridge offers longer life when you are using high concentrations of acetonitrile. Change every 6 months.

Traditional Check Valves - Direct replacements for the manufacturers original valves, factory assembled in a clean-room environment. Rebuild kits are available. Change every 6 months.

OPTI-SEAL Pump Seals - Made from an inert, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material (UHMW-PE). Relative to conventional PTFE seals, these seals show less particle shedding. This reduces the potential for clogged frits, saving you from unscheduled system downtime. We recommend these seals for typical reversed phase mobile phases (aqueous to moderate levels of organic). Not recommended for long-term use with highly organic mobile phases, such as typical normal phase solvents.

UHMW-PE seals are relatively hard, and will not seal well on worn plungers. We recommend that you install a new plunger when you initially switch to using UHMW-PE seals. Change every 3 months.

ITB (PTFE) Seals - Made from PTFE, ITB pump seals are especially recommended for mobile phases with a high organic concentration, such as typical normal phase mobile phases. ITB seals are soft and will not last as long as UHMW-PE seals. Unlike UHMW-PE seals, ITB seals will conform to out-of-round plungers. Change every 3 months.

Plungers (Pistons) - Made to exacting standards, these high quality sapphire plungers reduce seal wear, which means less system down time. Replace once a year, and when you initially switch to using UHMW-PE seals.

Note: Recommendation for general preventive maintenance. Depending on your applications, more frequent replacement could be necessary. Other pump replacement parts are available on request.