Sample Lock Syringes (SL)

  • Twist valve locks the sample in the syringe.
  • Positive rear plunger stop eliminates sample loss and plunger blowout at high pressures (not applicable to 1705 and 1710 models).
  • Connects to either male or female Luer fitting by using an adapter. Male and female luer and male luer lock adapters thread onto the SampleLock valve making the syringe compatible with many connectors and fittings. All adapters have a Kel-F (CTFE) fluid path, with a port diameter of 0.039".
  • Internal standards can be added through the valve port into the sample contained in the syringe.

We recommend replacement needle Cat. No. 19136-U (22s gauge needle) for the 1705SL, 1710SL, and 1725SL syringes; Cat. No. 19137-U (22 gauge needle) is recommended for the larger syringes.
Plunger assemblies are available for the 1705SL (Cat. No. 26152-U) and 1710SL (Cat. No. 26154) syringes.