Hamilton Microliter Syringes, 700 Series

The 700 Series Microliter syringes are the standard syringe for delivery of liquids in the volume range from 5 to 500 μL. Steel plungers are individually fitted into the borosilicate glass barrels. The accuracy of these syringes is +/- 1% of the nominal volume. Available in fixed, removable needle, and Luer Tip syringe styles.

Applications include:
  • Gas Chromatography sample injection
  • Sample injection with automatic samplers

Needle point styles:
Standard needles are most often point style 2 (sharp point) or 3 (blunt point). For HPLC injections and sample pipetting, the blunt-tip sthyle 3 is preferred. The blunt tip has chamfered and polished edges that eliminate damage to the valve′s rotor seal and stator face. This style can also be used for pipetting liquids.

For manual GC injections, a beveled tip, like style 2 is preferred for optimum septum penetration and to prevent septum coring. Also, Hamilton point style AS and SGE cone-tip needles are specially designed for this application. When using an autosampler, consult the instrument manual for the preferred point style.

In syringes with point style 5, conical with side port, liquid samples can be filled and dispensed through the hole in the side. Septum damage is minimized by the solid domned tip.