LA Vials, Certified Vials, Screw Top Vials and more

  • Low Adsorption (LA) Vials: Supelco′s Low Adsorption (LA) vials are manufactured using a process that decreases the number of hydroxyl groups on the vial′s surface, significantly reducing surface activity.
  • Certified Vials: Supeco′s certified vial, cap and septa products eliminate "fit" and septa contamination concerns associated with other brands.
  • Screw Top Vials: Standard (4.6 mm) and large opening (6.0 mm) vials are available in both clear and amber glass. They come with a variety of closures and septa.
  • 9 mm Screw Top Vials: These large opening (6.0 mm) vials have a unique thread design that allows you to screw on the caps, and still use them in a robotic autosampler. This thread is much higher on the top of the vial allowing space between the bottom of the thread and the shoulder of the vial. They are listed as ABC vial, R.A.M. vials, or Short Thread vials.
  • Snap Ring Vials: Snap Ring and Snap Seal vials are available. Either plastic snap caps or aluminum seals are available to be used as the closure for these products.
  • Crimp top vials: standard (4.6 mm) and large opening (6.0 mm) vials are used with aluminum seals. The 11 mm aluminum seals have a 6 mm opening.
  • Polypropylene Vials: are available in a wide range of volumes and confiqurations. Breakage is not an issue, and they are non-reactive with most sample chemistries.
  • Interlocked Vials: the Interlocked vial/insert limited volume vial is a 300 mL flange top glass insert permanently fused into a 12 x 32 mm glass vial. This product provides the user with the convenience and performance of a one piece microvial at a fraction of the cost.
  • Inserts: Microvolume inserts are sold in both glass and polypropylene materials. Polypropylene inserts are recommended for pH-sensitive samples, greater solvent compatibility, biological samples, and ionic samples because of the material′s inertness.
  • Versa Vial: The elongated vase like neck of the VersaVial accommodates variations in robotic arm settings, while provideing an exceptionally wide 9 mm opening.
  • Shell vials: Cylindrical shell vials compatible with plug-style needle closures make syringe extraction easier.
  • Center Drain (CD) Vials: Unique conical interior bottom that allows the contents to completely drain to the center of the vial.
  • Headspace Vials: Are available in several different sizes, and styles. The most common sizes are 6, 10 and 20 mL.