Mininert® Valves and Accessories for 20 mm Crimp Top Vials

Mininert valves are available for 20 mm crimp top vials. When using a glass vial, only PTFE and glass are in contact with the sample. They are a good closure for calibration standards, derivatizing reagents, and volatile chemicals.
  • PTFE construction for inertness. PTFE is useful when working with acids and organic solvents.
  • Good sealing ability for containing most volatile liquids and gases at low pressures
  • Mininert valves can be used at temperatures up to 105o F.
  • 0.036 in. (0.9 mm) opening accepts up to 20-gauge needle
  • Replaceable septum
  • Install easily

These valves are very easy to use.
1. Push the green button to open the valve
2. Insert the needle through the septum and take sample
3. Remove the needle and push to close

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33305 Mininert® Valve for use with 20 mm crimp seal, pkg of 12 ea
33310-U Replacement septa for Mininert® valves Replacement Mininert Septa, L × O.D. 0.308 in. × 0.125 in., pkg of 50 ea
33311 Septum inserter for Mininert® Valve Tool for inserting septa, pkg of 1 ea