Added Consistency in Your Lab

Added Consistency in Your Lab

What makes us reliable and consistent? We are the only global manufacturer supplying core bioreagents with extensive specifications that are tested for suitability in multiple applications. We cannot accept high variance, and neither do you. Our added experience and knowledge in manufacturing biochemicals means we deliver lot-to-lot consistency from every package size from grams to metric tons and across product grades you choose. You can rely on our lot-to-lot consistency, technical experts, ordering, and uninterrupted supply.

Added Value Workflow


Biological Buffers
We are the world leader in manufacturing and distribution of high quality biological buffers with the expertise and capacity to meet customer’s needs ranging from a few grams to multi-metric tons.



We deliver high-quality detergents with extensive lot-to-lot testing on every lot. That means dependably consistent detergents on our shelves — and yours!



Being a consistent and trusted provider and manufacturer of Tris is good for business. When supply is disrupted, we keep providing the same high-quality product to customers.


BioPerformance Certified
BioPerformance Certified (BPC) products offer convenience, quality and reproducibility. BPC buffers are tested and pre-qualified for use in  multiple life science applications such as molecular biology, cell culture, and/or  electrophoresis. This may include testing for nuclease, protease, and phosphatase enzymatic activity, cellular toxicity, or endotoxin and bioburden levels. By using one buffer product across multiple workflows, researchers can reduce experimental variability and save money, time and laboratory space.


Core Bioreagents
Explore our biochemicals portfolio — the most complete range of high-quality products you use every day, including agarose, antibiotics, buffers, detergents, and more. We offer a vast range of reagents with the products, grades, packaging options, and competitive pricing that is invaluable to your research.



Buffer Calculator
Perform buffer solution calculations by Molarity or Percentage