Added Expertise in Your Lab

Added Expertise in Your Lab

Our recent merger gives you the best in added expertise. As manufacturer of many classical lab chemicals and core bioreagents, we offer innovative product lines with consistent quality. Consult our global expert technical service next time you need help choosing the right product for your application.


Made by Us – EMSURE® Salts
EMSURE® Salts are almost exclusively produced at our facilities in Darmstadt, Germany. This allows us to offer you outstanding analytical purity.




Extran® – A Clean Matter
Extran® is a biodegradable and highly concentrated cleaning agent of consistent composition that ensures reliable scientific working procedures.




Work Smarter. Use Redi-Dri™
The Redi-Dri™ packaging system eliminates clumping typically noted with many hygroscopic powders and provides a free-flowing, ready-to-use material. Don't waste valuable time or product using reagents that readily absorb environmental moisture and harden before use.


Thorough Indication
We offer indicators for specific applications. Exceptional technical expertise and high-quality analytics enable a consistently high level of quality and reliability for individual applications.


Scale Up – from Bottles to Tank Trucks
Flexible production in our liquid handling center in Darmstadt allows us to offer multiple pack sizes — from milliliters to cubic meters!


Unique Packaging – Perfect Fit
Our innovative packaging is precisely tailored to the contents. It protects the chemicals and also you, the lab personnel.


Insights, Efficiency, Expertise
EMSURE® documentation. Free your time by simplifying lab filing. Our system means you no longer must request one certificate after another and wait for a reply. With one click, you have everything in one file.



Extran brochure (PDF)
• PrepSolv flyer (PDF)


Technical Service
Our aim is to provide excellent Technical Service, being the first point of contact for product, application and scientific advice.

All teams are all well trained, nearly all scientists, many with PhD level qualifications and years of laboratory experience.


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