Quality Grades for Classical Analysis

EMPOWER your lab


 Acids, Bases, Caustic alkalis, Metals, Salts and Solvents for analysis in classical lab applications

EMPOWER quality grades

Each lab application is different and so are the chemicals and reagents you use. To simplify your search, our extensive portfolio of Inorganics and Solvents is divided into three quality grades:


Just choose the right one which is suitable for your individual application.


EMSURE® Products
EMSURE® Products
Our premium grade for demanding or regulated analytical applications

• Highest quality
• Widest scope of specification
• Full compliance with international    


EMPARTA® Products
EMPARTA® Products
Our standard grade for routine analytical applications

• All important parameters
• Full ACS compliance



EMPLURA® Products
EMPLURA® Products
Our basic grade for preparative lab work, cleaning and production

• Specifications with the most common
• Available in small pack sizes as well as
  in bulk quantities