Timestrip® Time Indicators - Keychains Solutions

Timestrip® Time Indicators are simple visual reminders to help you comply with recommended or regulated activities in the workplace.

For some applications, it may not be feasible or appropriate to stick an indicator directly to the item, for example if it;

  • is in direct sunlight, is outside or in hazardous conditions
  • is in water or in an extreme humidity/steam environment
  • has extremely hot or cold surfaces

The solution for these applications is to order the Timestrip 3 or 12 month Timestrip® indicator in a convenient key chain holder that can be hung near the item being monitored or remotely in an office.

3 Month


Timestrip® CUSTOM solutions allows you to change the Timestrip in the key chain, or to customise the graphic on the tag with your logo & website QR code.

Features & Benefits
Timestrip® time indicators are small (40x19 mm) and can be stored inert at room temperature and then activated when a service is carried out or a new container of a reagent is first used. They are single use and can be easily disposed of with the product they are monitoring when its time is up. They are cost effective enough to be used on individual devices or products.

How it works & how to activate it
Each indicator contains a white porous membrane, through which a colored liquid travels at a known rate. To activate remove the small stick on the key chain and push the black lever down into the clear plastic holder. This will press the button on the back of the indicator and release the colored liquid. When the activation line appears, the indicator is armed and ready to use. The colored liquid will continue to progress until the maximum elapsed time has been reached.

A full specification for each Timestrip® keychain indicator is available on its corresponding product detail page.

Type Irreversible, single use
Activation Feature A manual activation button on the back
A colored line appears to show it is armed
Indication The color progresses along time markers in the viewing window
Accuracy of Temperature
+/- 15% in isothermal conditions. Calibrated for use in average room temperature environment (22°C)
40 mm x 19 mm
Quality Assurance Produced under ISO9001:2008
Recommended Storage
Room temperature at 20-80% humidity. Cool dark environment.
Protection Splash-proof

Cat No. Description Package Size
03849 Timestrip 3 Months Keychain
10EA, 100EA, 500EA
06929 Timestrip 12 Months Keychain
10EA, 100EA, 500EA