Timestrip® PLUS Duo

Timestrip® PLUS Duo is a small (19 x 80 mm) double temperature indicator. It is inert and can be stored at room temperature until it is activated by pushing the two buttons on the back. Duo monitors two ascending temperature thresholds in one label and indicates:

  1. If cold chain conditions have been compromised (breached 10°C/50°F) and if this abuse has lasted for 3 days (A), 8 days (B) or 14 days (C)
  2. If there has been exposure to very high temperatures (breach of 34°C/93°F) and if this abuse has lasted for 3 hours

Duo can monitor other products or devices or be customised to combine the temperature thresholds and time markers that suit your particular needs.

How it works
A blue mixture inside the indicator is solid and can’t move at its ‘STOP’ temperature. If the temperature rises above a defined threshold the mixture will melt and move laterally through a porous membrane at a known rate. Its progress will be visible through a viewing window. Each movement of the liquid is irreversible, so the cumulative time of all temperature breaches is shown by how far the blue color has moved along the time markers. The 10°C indicator mixture has different melt and Stop temperatures to the 34°C indicator.

10°C Indicator: Blue mixture Melts at 10°C, Stops at 8°C. The blue colour will completely fill window (A) after 3 days of a breach of 10°C, window (B) after 8 days and window (C) after 14 days.
34°C indicator: Melts at 34°C, Stops at 30°C. Blue color completely fills window (D) 3 hours following a breach of 34°C.

Instructions for Use
Activate the 34°C indicator first. Raise the temperature to 35°C (and not greater than 60°C) and fully press the button under D. The activation window on the right should turn green and reveal ‘ON’. Then press the 10°C indicator button fully until the left side activation window turns green and ‘ON’ is revealed. You can arm Duo either by sticking it to a product, device or carrying card that has been pre-chilled to below the Stop temperature of 8°C or within 5 minutes of activation, place Duo for a minimum of one hour below 8°C, for example in a fridge. This ensures both blue liquids freeze. Duo is then armed and any progression of the blue color indicates an ascending temperature breach.

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Type Irreversible, single use
Activation Feature 2 manual activation buttons on the back – 1 for each temperature threshold. Both ‘On’ windows turn green
Indication Windows A, B, C or D turn blue if thresholds are breached for the time thresholds indicated
Temperature & Time Thresholds (A-C)
Threshold of 10°C/50°F and STOP of 8°C/46°F. Time markers; 3 days (A), 8 days (B) and 14 days (C)
Temperature & Time Thresholds (D)
Threshold of 34°C/93°F and STOP of 30°C/86°F. Time marker; 3 hours
Accuracy of Temperature
Accuracy of Time
+/- 15% in isothermal conditions
80mm x 19mm
Quality Assurance Produced under ISO9001:2008

Cat No. Description Package Size
80476 Timestrip PLUS Duo 10°C and 34°C
10EA, 100EA, 500EA