Timestrip® PLUS

Timestrip® PLUS Temperature Indicators help you monitor how long your products have been exposed to temperatures above their recommended maximum. Each indicator in the range monitors ascending breaches of a specific temperature threshold.

Choose an indicator with the temperature threshold you need, activate and arm the Timestrip® PLUS and stick it to your product or packaging.
Timestrip® PLUS will keep monitoring temperature for days, weeks or months, depending on your needs. During that time it will record the cumulative duration of all breaches of its temperature threshold.

As some products can tolerate a cold chain breach for a longer cumulative period than 8 hours, you can now order the 8C Timestrip® PLUS with either an 8 hour or a 48 hour window. The activation button is on the top for the 8 hour indicator and on the back for the 48 hour indicator.





Customised graphics and other temperature thresholds in the range -20°C to +38°C are available as Timestrip® CUSTOM solutions.

Features & Benefits
Timestrip® PLUS Temperature Breach Indicators are small (40x19 mm), self-adhesive and cost-effective, so they can be attached directly to an individual pack or shipment and held constantly in view. Unlike many temperature indicators, they can be stored inert at room temperature and activated only when needed. Each label has a unique serial number for traceability and indication of breach is irreversible. They are single use and can be easily disposed of in general waste. They provide a simple, immediate and visual indication of temperature abuse for the receiver which makes them ideal for fast confident decision making.

How it works & how to activate it
Each Timestrip® PLUS indicator contains a blue mixture which is solid at an ‘acceptable’ temperature but melts when an ‘unacceptable’ temperature threshold is breached. When the breach occurs, the mixture melts and moves through a porous membrane at a known rate. Its progress can be tracked against the time markers on the viewing window. If temperatures drop to the STOP temperature, the mixture will solidify again and stop moving. Each advancement is irreversible, so the cumulative time of all temperature breaches is shown by how far the blue mixture has moved along the time markers.

To activate a Timestrip® PLUS with a threshold of 22C or less, simply squeeze the button between a thumb and finger to release the blue liquid onto the membrane. Then cool the indicator for 1 hour at its STOP temperature (usually 2 to 3°C below the threshold). The indicator is then armed and any future breaches of the threshold will be tracked. To activate Timestrip® PLUS with thresholds above 22C (room temperature) you will need to warm the indicator to the threshold level before cooling to the STOP temperature.


A full specification for each Timestrip® PLUS indicator is available on its corresponding product detail page.

Type Irreversible, single use
Activation Feature A manual activation button on the top – the ‘ON’ window turns blue to confirm it is armed.
Indication A blue color appears in the viewing window if a breach of the threshold temperature has occurred. The duration of one or more breaches is shown by how far the blue color has progressed along the time markers.
Accuracy of Temperature
Accuracy of Time
+/- 15% in isothermal conditions
Quality Assurance Produced under ISO9001:2008
40 x 19 mm

Cat No. Description Package Size
06693 Timestrip PLUS -20°C 10EA, 100EA, 500EA
92210 Timestrip PLUS 0°C
10EA, 100EA, 500EA
08168 Timestrip PLUS 8°C (8 hours of breach) 10EA, 100EA, 500EA
80826 Timestrip PLUS 8°C (48 hours of breach) 10EA, 100EA, 500EA
92451 Timestrip PLUS 25°C
10EA, 100EA, 500EA
80474 Timestrip PLUS 30°C 10EA, 100EA, 500EA