Timestrip® Time Indicators

Timestrip® Time Indicators are simple visual reminders to help you comply with recommended or regulated activities in the workplace. Activate a Timestrip and stick it to your product or device so you can see when time is up. No need to note and calculate dates. Timestrip® are useful reminders for period after opening intervals, part replacement, maintenance checks, completed reactions and many other laboratory applications.

EXTENDED RANGE With the addition of 3 Timestrip® indicators to the catalogue, you can now use Timestrip® to monitor any of 15 time periods from just 30 minutes to 12 months.


1 Month

3 Month

6 Month

12 Month

Timestrip® CUSTOM solutions allow you to design your own Timestrip. You can choose any time from 5 minutes to several years, include your logo or calibrate it for use in a fridge.

Features & Benefits
Timestrip® time indicators are small (40x19 mm) and self-adhesive so they can be attached directly to a product or device and held constantly in view. They can be stored inert at room temperature and then activated at the same time as a bottle is first opened or a task carried out. They are single use and can be easily disposed of with the product they are monitoring when its time is up. They are small and cost effective enough to be used on individual devices or products.

How it works & how to activate it
Each indicator contains a white porous membrane, through which a colored liquid travels at a known rate. The color is usually red for longer periods and blue for shorter ones. Squeezing the activation button firmly between thumb and finger releases all the liquid from the blister. A coloured line appears almost immediately to confirm that the indicator is active. As time passes the colour will progress and when the viewing window is completely filled, the full time has elapsed.

The windows on the 1 hour Timestrip are slightly different

A full specification for each Timestrip® indicator is available on its corresponding product detail page.

Type Irreversible, single use
Activation Feature A manual activation button on the top (12 months button is on the back)
A coloured line appears to show it is armed.
Indication The colour progresses along time markers in the viewing window.
Accuracy of Time +/- 15% in isothermal conditions. Calibrated for use in average room temperature environment (22°C)
Size 40 x 19 mm (1 hour is 32 x 19mm)
Quality Assurance Produced under ISO9001:2008
Recommended Storage Room temperature at 20-80% humidity. Cool dark environment.
Protection Splash-proof

Cat No. Description Package Size
89148 Timestrip 1 hour 10EA, 100EA, 500EA
80956 Timestrip 12 hours 10EA, 100EA, 500EA
88790 Timestrip 7 days 10EA, 100EA, 500EA
93064 Timestrip 1 month 10EA, 100EA, 500EA
07603 Timestrip 3 months 10EA, 100EA, 500EA
06797 Timestrip 6 months 10EA, 100EA, 500EA
74831 Timestrip 12 months 10EA, 100EA, 500EA