Analytical Standards

Analytical Standards by Application Area or Technique

Sigma-Aldrich offers over 7000 analytical standards and certified reference materials for a comprehensive range of applications and techniques. Please also check our online product catalog for a complete product listing.

Use the Standards Explorer to quickly and conveniently find a standard either by Name, CAS No., Molecular Formula or Agency Method.

Application Areas


Food & Beverage Chromatography
Flavors and Fragrances Certified Chromatography Standards
Carbohydrates Certified IC Standards
Peptides / Amino Acids Gas Standards
Food Additives (E-numbers)  
FA/FAME/Lipids Spectroscopy
GMO (genetically modified organisms) Certified AAS and ICP Standards
Mycotoxins Certified Standards for quantitative NMR
  Spectroscopy Standards for OES and XRF
Environmental Calibration Standards for UV/Vis
Pesticide standards  
Volatiles / Semivolatiles Titrimetry
Flame Retardants Water Standards for Karl Fischer
Aroclors, PCBs and Dioxins Titrimetry Standards certified by BAM
Alkylphenols (for ISO 18857-2) Kjeldahl Standards
Solid Waste  
  Physical Properties
Pharma and Life Sciences Viscosity Standards
Cosmetic Standards Particle Size and Sieve Calibration Standards
Herbal Drugs / Phytopharmaceuticals Conductance Standards
Pharmaceutical Secondary Standards Color chart for Solids
Pharma Impurities Color Reference Solutions
Pharmacopoeia Standards Melting Point standards
Fluorescent Microparticles  
Forensic and Veterinary  
Drugs of Abuse  
Doping Standards  
Veterinary Drugs: Antibiotics  
Veterinary Drugs: Hormones  
Gasoline, Diesel and Petroleum