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SCOTTY® Specialty Gas Calibration Standards

We offer a variety of specialty gases in small, economical SCOTTY® transportable, non-returnable, cylinders. They are available in 4, 14, 48, and 110 Liter containers. Both pure gases and mixed specialty gases for instrument calibration applications are available. Supelco warrants that the calibration gas products listed meet the analytical specifications for the period of time stated on the cylinder and/or the Certificate of Analysis.

 Specialty Gases include:
  • Pure gases
  • Multi-component mixtures
  • Natural Gas Reference Standards
  • Environmental Method (TO-14, TO-15/17, and PAMS) Gas Mixtures for Air Monitoring
SCOTTY® Gas Standards
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Environmental Method (TO-14, TO-15/17, and PAMS) Gas Mixtures

Features & Benefits back to top

Supelco has expanded its already extensive line of SCOTTY® pure gases and gas mixtures in the convenient transportable cylinders. Air Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC (formerly Scott Specialty Gases) manufactures these products for Supelco. Some benefits of SCOTTY® gases are:

  • No cylinder demurrage or rental
  • Long-term guaranteed stability for extended shelf life
  • Sufficient product in every cylinder for many applications
  • Save on shipping costs
  • “Go anywhere” portability makes calibration easier
  • Quality accessory equipment available
  • High accuracy increases dependability

The portability of SCOTTY® products makes them suitable for many types of applications, both in the field and in the laboratory. In addition, the popular SCOTTY® BTEX Calibration Mix is now available in a SCOTTY® IV-EL “extended life” cylinder, which holds 74 liters of gas.


Tips for working with SCOTTY® cylinders back to top

SCOTTY® transportable gas cylinders provide high-purity and accurate calibration gases in a wide variety of non-returnable cylinder sizes and volumes. Their high reliability and convenient size make them a cost-effective alternative to returnable, high-pressure cylinder whenever portability or limited gas quantities are needed. The non-refillable, non-returnable design of SCOTTY® gas cylinders results in substantial cost savings by eliminating cylinder rental and two-way shipping charges associated with refillable cylinders. Convenient cylinder sizes also allow you to purchase only the amount of gas your application requires.

SCOTTY® gas cylinders are easy to use.

The following tips will assist the user in getting the best performance from their SCOTTY® gas cylinders:

  1. Use a gas cylinder stand. Stabilizing your gas cylinder on a bench top or other surface will free up both your hands for manipulating a syringe, the regulator, or cylinder valve as needed. Additionally, a stand will securely hold the gas cylinder from tipping over when not in use.
  2. Use a gas regulator with a stainless steel or brass body. Gas regulators manufactured from these materials have superior durability over gas regulators manufactured from aluminum.
  3. Use a gas regulator with an integrated syringe adapter. A syringe adapter allows calibration gas to be withdrawn through a silicone rubber septum with a syringe. A vent at the septum permits purging prior to filling the syringe to insure a clean sample of the cylinder gas.
  4. Make sure you close the valve on top of the gas cylinder when not in use. Since a feature of the syringe adapter is the constant purge, the only way to keep gas in the cylinder is by closing the valve on top of the gas cylinder.
  5. Use Gastight Sample Lock syringes for transferring gas from the gas cylinder to a GC or another vessel. These syringes allow you to transfer gas without loss or contamination.

Tips for Using SCOTTY® 48 Cylinders

Using SCOTTY 48 cylindersSCOTTY® 48 gas cylinders should be used with a pressure regulator and SCOTTY® syringe adapter. SCOTTY® 48 cylinders are fitted with two ports, one of which is a 1/8-inch NPT port, as shown at left. Fit the pressure regulator to the 1/8-inch NPT port, then connect the syringe adapter to the regulator.


Environmental Method (TO-14, TO-15/17, PAMS) Gas Mixtures for Air Monitoring back to top

SCOTTY® Toxic Organics (TO) calibration gas mixtures are an excellent choice for use in monitoring ppb and ppm levels of toxic volatiles and semi-volatiles in air, in accordance with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s TO-15/17 and Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Systems (PAMS) methodologies.

Each gas mixture is produced individually and gravimetrically, using NIST traceable weights. The content of each TO-15/17 and PAMS cylinder is then verified by gas chromatography before it leaves the facility. Scott TO-14 gas blends, designed for EPA Method TO-14 (toxic organics in ambient air), are traceable to NIST reference mixtures and are certified for superior stability and accuracy.

View more detailed product information on calibration gas mixtures, including related gas cylinder accessories, using the links below:

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