Analytical Standards

Analytical Inorganic Standards


Features our quality standards, with product listings subdivided into the following categories:

Ion Standard Solutions

  • ICP/DCP Standards
    • Element concentration is 10,000 µg/mL; exact value is stated on the label
    • Trace impurities are below 20 µg/mL
    • Prepared from the highest quality solvents and solutes (99.999+% pure)
    • Rigorously assayed: certificate of analysis includes matrix concentration, named element concentration, and any impurities which have been detected

  • Atomic Absorption Standards
    • Element concentration is 1,000 µg/mL; exact value is stated on the label
    • High purity solvents and solutes are used to ensure accuracy and purity
    • Frequent stock rotation
    • Evaluated by classical analytical methods and ICP spectrographic analysis

  • AA/ICP Calibration Check Standards for Environmental Analysis
    • Element concentration is 1,000±10 µg/mL; exact value is stated on the label
    • Trace impurities are below 1 µg/mL and are included on the Certificate of Analysis
    • Raw material is 99.999+% pure; standards are prepared with 18 Megaohm water; PPB grade acids are used for matrix purity
    • Frequent stock rotation
    • NIST traceability and documentation of procedures, identity check, and chemical analysis performed for each lot

  • AA/ICP Multi-Element Calibration Standards for Environmental Analysis
    • Mixed Element Instrumentation Calibration Standards
    • Mixed Element Interference Check Solutions
    • Solutions for EPA Methods
    • Reagent Blank Solutions, prepared in ASTM Type 1 water
    • Highest quality raw materials which have been assayed for trace impurities and major constituents
    • Concentrates used for the mixed standards are traceable to NIST standards
    • Lot specific analysis provided with each standard and blank solution

  • Matrix Modifiers for Graphite Furnace AA
    • Prevent loss of volatile analytes
    • Specially purified for low blank signal
    • Enables your furnace to work at peak performance
    • Ready-to-use solutions with Certificate of Analysis included with each unit