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Since April 2000, we have been an authorized distributor of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (until 30 June 2016 Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM)) at Geel, Belgium. As a consequence, our customers can receive all 500 Certified Reference Materials funded by the European Commission (BCR®, IRMM® and ERM®) via our sales organization around the world. They profit from our fast, reliable service, attractive product prices and expert technical service. Specifications of all products are listed in the catalogue (click on the catalogue picture for loading the pdf file)

European Reference Materials (ERM®) - A new "standard" of certified reference materials

At the beginning of August 2004, some of the products switched their name from BCR® to ERM. Also the certificate accompanied with the sample shows the name and the logo of ERM.

European Reference Materials Image

The ERM®, BCR®, and IRMM® Reference Materials include various segments such as:

  • Environment– polycyclic aromatic compounds, nitropolycyclic and oxygenated aromatic hydrocarbons, polychlorinated biphenyls (for purity), soils sludge, sediments, biological material, water, waste
  • Occupational hygiene– filter media, charged tubes with Tenax or charcoal
  • Water and food microbiology– milk powder
  • Food and agriculture– dairy products, alcohol, GMO standards, meat, cereals, vegetables, oils, fat, fish, mussels, animal feed, seeds
  • Clinical chemistry – plasma, serum, body liquids, blood
  • Physical properties – heat transmission, particle size, surface area, properties of films and surfaces, linewidth measurements, color measurements, mechanical properties
  • Industrial raw materials and products– ores, fuels, gas, oil, metals, semiconductors, plastics, glass, ceramics, fertilizers the method. In addition, CRMs need to be selected and used correctly for optimum instrumental performance to be achieved.

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