Analytical Standards

Custom Services

Sigma-Aldrich helps you to streamline reliable, efficient delivery of premium-grade testing components at the velocity essential for success. Our quality products and solutions allow you to work smarter, enabling the community a safe and healthier world.

 Organic Custom Standards

  • For environmental, food & beverage, petroleum, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications
  • Includes Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Certificate of Composition
  • Certificate of Analysis provided if testing is requested

 Inorganic Custom Standards

  • For AAS, ICP, and ion chromatography applications
  • Produced in an accredited laboratory, according to ISO/ IEN 17025 and ISO Guide 34
  • Printed Certificate according to ISO Guide 31

  Specialty Packaging from Supelco

  • We provide reference material packaging services - large or small jobs
  • Services include ampul filling; working with hygroscopic, light sensitive, or other delicate materials
  • Private/OEM labeling and custom packaging

  Customware & OEM

  • Sigma-Aldrich has a well-established history of cooperation with instrument suppliers worldwide
  • We provide the supporting chemistry so you can deliver the complete package of instrumentation plus necessary reagents to your customers

  Custom Peptides and Custom AQUA™ Peptides

  • For protein biomarker studies and quantification by mass spectrometry
  • High-purity custom AQUA™ peptides up to 30 amino acids long can be synthesized with stable isotope labeling
  • High-purity custom peptides up to 30 amino acids long can be synthesized without stable isotope labeling
  • Stringent testing to ensure high purity (HPLC), accurate molecular weight (ESI-MS), and peptide content (AAA)
  • Selected modifications are available