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We offer a large number of Certified Reference Materials (CRM) and Reference Materials (RM) of numerous pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and illicit drugs of abuse as well as their internal standards, metabolites, impurities and degradants. These CRMs and RMs are suitable for a wide variety of chromatographic and mass spectrometry-based testing applications such as clinical toxicology, forensic analysis, pharmaceutical testing and research, clinical diagnostic testing, Cannabis profiling and potency determination, sports/anti-doping testing, pain prescription monitoring, and employee drug screening. Since many pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs are classified as controlled substances, most of these reference standards are supplied as DEA-exempt solutions for added convenience.  

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Our portfolio of over 20,000 products includes standards for environmental, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, clinical diagnostic and toxicology, forensic, food and beverage, GMO standards, cosmetic, veterinary and much more, as well as OEM and custom products and services. All standards manufacturing sites are at a minimum double accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, ISO Guide 34 and ISO 17034, which is the highest achievable quality level for reference material producers.


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Accurate Biological Testing for Amphetamine and Methamphetamine Abuse using Chiral HPLC and MS Detection


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