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Subject Type Size (kb) Publication Id.
Supelco Chemical Reference Material Packaging Service Flyer 172 T407062
TraceCERT Inorganic CRMs Product Info. 604 PEM
Standards for Personal Care and Cosmetic Products  Product Info.   PSQ
Certified Reference Materials JRC-IRMM Catalog 2015  Catalog 1939 -
NIST Standard Reference Materials Catalogue Catalog 218 RTP
Air Monitoring
US EPA Method TO-14 Gas Standards Product Info. 521 T494042
Calibration Standards for Toxic Ogranics Methodology (TheReporter volume 16.4) Article 49 T297094
Pesticide Standards Product Info. 640 QFW
GC/HPLC Analyses of Organic Compounds in Drinking Water: US EPA Procedures Bulletin 865 242 T109865
Sigma-Aldrich Separate Source Standards Ease Audit Process Bulletin 945 307 T109945
TEPP - Formulation Stability and Intervendor Comparison (TheReporter 16.4) Article 57 T297044
Food & Beverage
Mycotoxin Standards Product Info.   OYD
Analytical Standards for Food Color Additives Product Info.   PHQ
Analytical Standards and CRMs (for Food & Beverage Analysis) Product Info.   OFU
Aflatoxin Standards Available from Supelco (TheReporter 16.5) Article 51 T297085
Derivatization of Corn Oil for Analysis by GC (TheReporter 16.3) Article 54 T297053
Gasoline Oxygenate Reference Standards for ASTM Method D4815 Product Info.   T494119
New, Highly- Characterized Reference Standards: Reformate, Heavy Naptha, Pyrolysis Gasoline (TheReporter 13.4) Article 47 T294054