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Sigma-Aldrich’s offering of phytochemical analytical standards consists of natural products ranging from alcohols and phenols, aldehydes and ketones, alkaloids, flavonoids, glucosinolates, and isoprenoids to organic acids and esters, phenylpropanes, quinones, and tannins. These reference substances are suited for LC or LC-MS/MS, IR, NMR and other analytical applications in testing of plant, herb, or dietary supplement characteristics such as identity, strength, or purity in addition to diet and nutrition research and nutritional metabolomics. They are also used in other applications including forensics, clinical toxicology, prescription monitoring and pharmaceutical research.  Our phytochemical reference standards line includes solution-based Certified Reference Materials designed to minimize degradation and promote long-term shelf life of compounds known for their sensitivity to air, light, and solution pH.


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HPLC determination of certain flavonoids and terpene lactones in selected Ginkgo biloba L. phytopharmaceuticals


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