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Analytix 2005

Since 2000 Sigma-Aldrich offers analytical newsletters. The Reporter from Supelco is a newsletter being distributed worldwide five times a year. The Analytix published by Sigma-Aldrich has a focus on special analytical applications and products in each issue and is also distributed five times a year. Please click below to view all available issues ordered by year.

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Analytix 5

Feature article: Celebrating 25 years of HYDRANAL®
• Titration: VOLPAC® Package
Standards: Custom Made, GC-MS Tuning, Stable Isotopes, FAME Solutions
• Microbiology: Ferrioxamine E, Identification of Salmonella
Sample Preparation: EPA 324 Mercury Traps
Chromatography: Ion Pair HPLC, LC-MS Solvents
Spectroscopy: MALDI-MS, Trace Analysis
New Product Corner: NOGE Compounds

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Analytix 5


Analytix 4

Feature article: Standards for Biodiesel Analysis
• Standards and Derivatization
Silylation of drug substances, New Certified Reference Materials for GMO Maize
Analytical Reagents: LC-MS CHROMASOLV® Solvents,Laboratory Acids and Bases, Celite® Analytical Filter Aid
Karl Fischer Titration: Titre of Reagents
Microbiology: Identification of Staphylococcus aureus
New Product Corner: Everolimus Standard

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Analytix 4


Analytix 3

Microbiology: Base Ingredients, Saccharide Substrates, Agar, 3rd Edition Microbiology CD
• Standards: European Reference Materials; Use of Certified Reference Materials; Quantitative Pesticide Mixes
Reagents: LC/MS CHROMASOLV®; New Shipping Cartons for Multipacks; Biomarker Determination by MALDI-TOF
HYDRANAL®: Molecular Sieve 0.3 nm
New Product Corner: NIST-Traceable Alcohol; Standards Separate Source Aroclor; Standards Drinking Water Odor Standards

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Analytix 3


Analytix 2

Feature article: Determination of Acrylamide in Food
• Standards: Freshness of Seafood, Ion Chromatography, Custom Made Standards
Analytical Reagents: SPECTRANAL® solvents, Fluka purity grades, improved LC-MS Analysis
• Microbiology: HiFluoro® Pseudomonas Agar Base, new reagents, New Microbiology CD
HYDRANAL: New Medium K, Multimedia Guide, Moisture Testkit
New Product Corner: VOLPAC®. NIR Spectral Library. ISE Electrodes

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Analytix 2

Analytix 1

Feature article: Fatty Acid Tryptamides in Cocoa Products
• Standards: Environmental Standards, IRMM Certified Reference Materials
Analytical Reagents: Improved LC/MS Analyses, CHROMASOLV Solvents
• Review: LC-NMR and LC-NMR-MS
Microbiology: Chromogenic Media Overview, New Microbiology CD
HYDRANAL: New Product for Petrochemical Industry, the HYDRANAL® Team
New AQUANAL Brochure:  

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Analytix 1

Analytix Notes 7
Analytix Notes 7
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Analytix Notes 7

• Analytix Notes Derivatization of Drug Substances with MSTFA
    • Utility of GC/MS for pharmaceutical analysis
    • Advantages of derivatization for GC/MS
    • Common derivatization reagents for GC and GC/MS
    • Silylation reactions
    • Results of silylation of the three drug classes with and BSTFA/TMCS
      and activated MSTFA reagents


Analytix Notes 5
Analytix Notes 5
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Analytix Notes 5

• HYDRANAL® and the European Pharmacopoeia
    • Requirements of Ph. Eur. Guidelines
    • Study of Accuracy and Shorter Titration Time
    • 2 Examples of Comparison HYDRANAL®-Composite with Reag.Ph.Eur.II
    • List of available comparative protocols and detailed results
    • Literature and contacts

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