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Analytix 2008

Since 2000 Sigma-Aldrich offers analytical newsletters. The Reporter from Supelco is a newsletter being distributed worldwide five times a year. The Analytix published by Sigma-Aldrich has a focus on special analytical applications and products in each issue and is also distributed five times a year. Please click below to view all available issues ordered by year.

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Analytix 5

• Feature Article: HYDRANAL®-Composite reagents for volumetric Karl Fischer titration
• Standards: Interlaboratory proficiency testing on the analysis of alkylphenols, alkylphenol ethoxylates and Bisphenol A in surface and waste waters according to ISO/CD 18857-2 using new 13C-marked internal standards
• Chromatography: Mobile phase comparison study of LC-MS solvents / High-purity water for analytical applications: much more than just H2O / Media and resins for purification and isolation
• Sensoric: Ionophores used for clinical applications
• Microbiology: Mycobacteria – ongoing interest in an old pathogen / Differentiation of Escherichia coli from coliforms
• Titration: HYDRANAL® Karl Fischer reagents

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Analytix 5


Analytix 4

• Feature Article: Selective adduct formation in electrospray ionisation with alkali citrates
• Standards: Sudan Red dye standards / Kit for the analysis of oil, grease and other non-polar compounds in water according to US EPA Method 1664
• Chromatography: Extensive range of products for Ion Chromatography
• Microbiology: Selective growth media for differentiation and detection of Escherichia coli and other coliforms / Detection of enterovirulent Escherichia coli
• Spectroscopy: Microscopy reagents and accessories
• Sensoric: New Selectophore® phthalate ionophore
• Titration: HYDRANAL® reagents for Karl Fischer titration of water in aldehydes and ketones
• New Product Corner: New High-Purity Standards for Pesticide Residue Analysis / New Alkylphenol Standards for Water Analysis / New Natural Compound Standards / New Hormone Standards / New Deuterated Drug Standards

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Analytix 4


Analytix 3

• Feature Article: Sigma-Aldrich Product Branding
• Standards: BAM Certified Reference Materials for Titrimetry and Ion Chromatography Nitrogen and protein determination according to Kjeldahl method Fluka-brand physical properties standards and reference materials
• Microbiology: Ready-to-use, pre-prepared growth media in flasks and plates in blister packs HybriScan Rapid Test Systems
• Spectroscopy: New solvents for trace metal speciation analysis
• Titration: Complexometric titration with aminopolycarboxylic acids (EDTA and analogs) Coulometric water determination according to Karl Fischer
• New product corner: New Fluka-Brand Drug Standards for Ecstasy and Cannabis

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Analytix 3


Analytix 2

• Feature article: Increasing the reliability and value of analytical results
• Standards: Trace analysis of tobacco-specific nitrosamines / P-I-A-N-O Standards for Detailed Hydrocarbon Analyses
• Chromatography: Optimising the LC-MS analysis of biomolecules / New solvents for headspace GC applications
• Microbiology: Animal-derived peptones / New CP ChromoSelect Agar
• Spectroscopy: Spectroscopy reagents for sample decomposition
• Titration: Titer of Karl Fischer reagents / HYDRANAL® Medium K
• New product corner: New nitrate ionophore / New Sigma-Aldrich standards for residue analysis / New Fluka perfluorinated surfactant standards / New neat mycotoxin reference materials

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Analytix 2

Analytix 1

• Feature article: New chromogenic media
• Standards: TraceCERT® standards for ion chromatography
• Chromatography: Quality management for IC instruments
• Microbiology: Campylobacter
• Life Science: Kit for fatty acid analysis in blood
• Spectroscopy: Spectroscopy equipment (NMR-tubes), AQUANALTM Ecotest Water Laboratory, TMAH, TopSert™ TPX® autosampler vials
• Sensorics: Sensorics new nitrate ionophore from Sigma-Aldrich
• Titration: HYDRANAL® E-type reagents, Laboratory chemicals for titration
• New product corner: HYDRANAL® Water Standard Oil, Residue analysis

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Analytix 1

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