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Analytix 2010

Since 2000 Sigma-Aldrich offers analytical newsletters. The Reporter from Supelco is a newsletter being distributed worldwide five times a year. The Analytix published by Sigma-Aldrich has a focus on special analytical applications and products in each issue and is also distributed five times a year. Please click below to view all available issues ordered by year.

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Analytix 5

• Feature Article: HYDRANAL® going green!
• Microbiology: Microbiology Base Ingredients
• Standards: Better Understanding the Processes of Life, Analytical Standards for Disinfection Byproducts (DPBs), New Analytical Standards for Sunscreen Lotion Ingredients, New certified reference material from the IRMM, New Analytical Standards for R-(+)-α- Lipoic Acid
• Chromatography: Metabolites – A Serious Challenge for LC/MS Separations and Usual Detection Techniques, Silyl methallylsulfinates – New Highly Efficient Silylating Reagent, Headspace Grade Solvents
• Spectroscopy: New High Purity Salts
• Titration: High quality titration reagents for all your needs in volumetric titration

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Analytix 5 2010


Analytix 4

• Feature Article: Clostridium perfringens, their Properties and their Detection
• Microbiology: Baird Parker Agar
• Standards: NEW Analytical Standards for Natural Products
• Spectroscopy: High Purity Digestion Reagents for Ultra-Trace Analysis
• Chemical Sensors: NEW SELECTOPHORETM Brochure Available
• Chromatography: Headspace Grade Solvents, LC-MS Solvents and Reagents,
Dispersive SPE for EN15662: 2008 “QuEChERS” Method
• Titration: Determination of Water Content in Candies, New Tips and Tricks for Volumetric Titration, Increasing Reliability and Value of Analytical Results
• Monthly Savings
45% Off High-quality titration reagents
• New Product Corner: New High-Purity Standards for Pesticide Residue Analysis, New Veterinary Drug Standards

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Analytix 4 2010


Analytix 3

• Feature Article: Launch of a New Generation of Organic Certified Reference Materials
• Microbiology: Overview of Chromogenic Media
• Standards: New Dynamic Platform for Inorganic Custom Standards, Certified Reference Materials for Sepctroscopy
• Chromatography: Enantiomeric Purities of Pharmaceuticals Using Carbohydrate-based Isothiocyanates, Analysis of Bioethanol – Detection of Chloride and Sulfate with Dication and Trication Solutions
• Titration: Increasing Reliability and Value of Analytical Results
• Monthly Savings
35% Off – Volumetric Titration Reagents
• New Product Corner: Analytical Standards of Alkylresorcinols , New Standards for Regulated Food Dyes

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Analytix 3, 2010


Analytix 2

• Feature Article: Water Determination in Chocolate and Cocoa
• Microbiology: Staphylococcus aureus: a Spreading Bacteria
• Standards: Certified Standards for Quantitative 1H-NMR (qNMR) / Supelco® Chemical Reference Material Packaging Services
• Chromatography: Enantiomeric Purities of Amino Acids Using Carbohydrate-Based Isothiocyanates / Derivatisation of Non-Steroidal Anti-
Inflammatory Drugs with Different Activated Silylating Reagents
• Monthly Savings
30% Off – Flash Cartridges
• Titration: Volumetric Titration Reagents by Sigma-Aldrich

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Analytix 1

• Feature Article: Celebrating 30 years of HYDRANAL® reagents
• Microbiology: Microbiological Control of Spices and Herbs
• Standards: Are your Reference Materials up to Standard?
New 10g/L TraceCERT® Single Element Standard for ICP
Application of Reference Standards in the Analysis of Herbal Medicinal Products
Quantitative NMR Used for COntent Assignment of Reference Standards for Quality Control of Herbal Medicinal Products
• Chromatography: Simple, Rapid and Inexpensive Determinations of Enantiomeric Purities: Oxiranes, Amino Acids and Pharmaceuticals
Ion Exchange Media
• Titration: Volumetric Titration Reagents by Sigma-Aldrich
• New Product Corner: New Mycotoxin Standards
New Veterinary Drug Standards
New High-Purity Standards for Pesticide Residue Analysis

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Analytix 1 2010

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