Pesticide Analysis

Pesticide use has been growing and with it, the need to test for the almost 1000 commercially available pesticides. We understand that you need fast and reliable solutions for your testing needs, and we seek to develop the tools to get you there. From our Z-Sep line for complex matrix cleanup to our industry-leading portfolio of over 1300 standards, we have the products you need for the detection and identification of multiple classes of pesticide residues.

Pesticide Residue Workflow


For AOAC 2007.01 and ENI15662:2008




The “QuEChERS” method is an emerging sample prep technique becoming increasingly popular in multi-residue pesticide analysis in food and agricultural products.
Reagents and Solvents
Solvents for Pesticide Residue Analysis (PRA solvents)

• GC/MS Columns: SLB®-5ms, SPB®-608
• LC/MS Columns: Ascentis® Express
  C18, RP-Amide
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